About Us

Holystic is a fashion project related to the storytelling of the myth, representing the hero journey through the senses, good and evil, feminine and masculine. Holystic aims to represent the synthesis of the opposites and it is the result of a continuous research on materials and spirituality, the combination of the five elements. Our mission is to kiss your skin with precious and exotic tissues in order to let your wildest side emerge, enhanced by the grey amber extracts and the flavored flowers infused in them. We have created a sensorial veichle which transports who wears it in a beautiful world of refined aromas, living colours, rare essences and we have condensed all these ingredients in our luxury t-shirt whose purpose is to take you at the starting point of a wonderful adventure: your new life.

Holystic with its first collection reinterprets the luxury t-shirt Made in Italy, every graphic is unique and hand made by an artist in limited edition.


Esthete, visionary, poet of the subconscious, Visavì is the hand that lies behind each of the reinterpretations of the artworks by Antonello da Messina, Bellini and Leonardo da Vinci for our collection “Sacred and Profane”. His art blends together graphic elements of multiple cultures: Asia, South America, Islamic and Mediterranean countries, mixing them with rock, mystic, punk & hipster details. His style looks in someway at the surreal elements of Salvador Dalí works as well as the theme of the travel , sometimes real, sometimes dreamlike, to stimulate at its peak the imagination in the eyes & the heart of the beholder. A visual storytelling made of symbolism and archetypes which aims to dialogue with our subconscious and evokes powerful metaphors that can slowly unveil a hero journey towards its soul. Each graphic took about a month to be realized because it has been patiently hand made and then transferred to the t-shirt with the latest graphics technology in order to preserve the gloss and the depth of its colors for several years.
This represents for us the first of the senses with which we want to communicate: your eyesight.


Our t-shirts are made of precious bamboo fiber which grows in the earth’s most uncontaminated areas. Its cultivation happens without any waste, doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers and compared to other plants it absorbs more carbon dioxide and emits more oxygen. We choose to use this noble material in order to confer to our t-shirts an excellent transpiration and thermal insulation, beside giving freshness and lightness to the ones who wear them: this happens because the tissue derived from the bamboo fiber keeps an average temperature of one or two centigrades lower than the cotton. Besides that our t-shirts are conceived to be 100% biodegradable, antibacterial, and they also provide a natural deodorant and a better protection against the dangerous UV rays. For all this reasons we have defined them “luxury”: because they are like jewels dedicated to enrich and protect something very precious: your skin.


Primal, disruptive, therapeutic. Messenger of emotions and adventures. Penetrating, wild, rebellious. Dense, determined and enveloping. Our most subtle charm is shaped by the aroma that we radiate: a special alchemy that starts from our soul, spreads throughout our being and finally reveals itself on our skin. It shouts to the world an inner piece of who we are.    Our collection of luxury t-shirts want to celebrate the most ancestral of our senses: the smell. Because our memories and our passions are constantly crossed by scents of all kinds, able to evoke in us the emotions of the past, to create the ones of the present or to carry us towards the ones of the future. For this reason we have selected with patience precious extracts and essences to enchant your nose and make your heart vibrate. Our fragrances have merged to the tissue waiting to meet the last and most valuable item that will complete their magic formula: you.


My mission: Designer &  Creativity Pusher.

The reason why: the fashion research, travelling, creativity are the main ingredients in the cocktail of my soul. 

My vision is that our creations could provide to the ones who wear them an electric wave of emotions, driving them in the hero journey through myths, exotic parfums and precious materials.


My mission: Biodynamic business hunter

The reason why: I love to create opportunities, to plant the seeds to give birth, shape and colour to my dreams and my fantasies. 

It is the passion for all this that challenge and boost me everyday to search and experience life and relations …together with a good glass of natural wine.


My mission:   Visionary storyteller …..who mix colours, journeys, arts….east and west.

The reason why: to let the images of my emotions flow free, to give voice to the poetry of my subconscious and provide  caress and nourishment for the ones that choose my creations.


My mission: Cool hunter, trendsetter, observer of people & styles

The reason why: because to get through the clothes of the people is like to have a quick view in their souls…. because a pair of beautiful shoes fill me with joy…because I see the windows of the shops as the new classical paintings, because the real privilege nowaday is to think different and to find pleasure in choosing something that the people can feel, love, buy..